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Tips For What to Do in Court

Some choose to take their personal injury cases to trial. If you fall into this category, you might be nervous about the court process and your role in it. Luckily, if you hire a lawyer, they will be able to handle most of the important aspects of the trial. They can also answer any specific questions that you have so that you are less nervous going into the trial. On this page, I will discuss some basic tips for how to act during the trial. These tips will help you prepare and act correctly when the time for trial comes.

Establishing the Right Persona

When you go to court, you want to come off as respectful and serious. The matter at hand is very serious, and the way that you act should reflect that.

One of my first tips is to make sure that you arrive early for the trial. Chances are you’ve never been to the courthouse before, so account for finding the courthouse, finding parking, and finding the courtroom that you need to go to. All of this can take time, and if you get lost, you don’t want to show up late. Make sure that you leave early so that you arrive on time. Walking into the courtroom late will definitely make the wrong impression on the judge.

You also want to pay attention throughout the trial. Most of the trial will be technical and boring, and your lawyer will be in charge of communicating on your behalf. But this does not mean that you should not pay attention, or at least act like it! Refrain from doodling on a pad or playing with your phone. This behavior will give the wrong impression to the judge.

If you are ever required to speak to the judge, do so respectfully, and always refer to them as “Your Honor.” It is also important to stand when the judge enters the room and only sit after they are seated.

How to Dress

Generally speaking, you want to dress conservatively when you are going to court. For men, it is appropriate to wear a suit or a dress shirt and dress pants. Avoid jeans and casual shoes like sneakers or sandals. Jewelry should be modest, and make sure that any facial hair is nicely trimmed.

Women should wear suits, conservative dresses, or dress pants and blouses. Again, be conservative in your shoe choice and jewelry choice. Both men and women should cover up tattoos if possible, and if you have piercings, don’t wear rings in them when you go to court (with the exception of earrings for women). You also want to avoid wearing anything that will show affiliations, such as class rings. When in doubt, dress conservatively and formally.

These tips will help you make a good impression if you have to go to court. Knowing that you are well prepared can also make you less anxious as you go through this difficult experience. If you still have questions or need guidance through the personal injury court process, please contact our team. One of our attorneys can help you through this experience and make sure that you make a good impression in the courtroom.

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