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Everything You Need to Know About Insurance Adjusters

If you have experienced an elevator or escalator related injury, the company or person that is responsible may have or hire an insurance adjuster. On this page, I will discuss what an insurance adjuster is and what they do. I will also discuss what you need to do if an insurance adjuster is involved in your case.

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is an important part of personal injury cases. They work to resolve an injury-related insurance claim. They work for the company or person’s liability insurance company. They are also known as a claims specialist, claims representative or an independent claims analyst. 

An insurance adjuster will take all of the factors of the accident into consideration and then come up with an estimate for compensation that the at-fault party should pay. They might consider factors such as:

  • Your own fault in the accident (if at all)
  • Your injuries and if it can be proved that they are related to the accident
  • What you paid to have your injuries treated
  • Lessened quality of life due to the injury
  • What it cost if you had to miss work due to your injury

These are just a few of the factors that an insurance adjuster might consider. Some other factors may apply to your situation, and some of those listed above may not apply to your case. 

What Do Insurance Adjusters Do?

An insurance adjuster negotiates claims after a personal injury case. This person is responsible for reviewing the company’s policies and negotiating a settlement or claim with you. They will present a settlement claim to you and your attorneys once they reach a figure for what they believe is fair compensation. 

Private vs. Public

There is no difference between the negotiation process between public and private parties. The only difference is that with public parties, your claim will be 10-25% lower than if it was with a private party. Keep this in mind because it could mean that you get less compensation than if a private insurance adjuster is hired. 

Attorneys vs. Insurance Adjusters

An attorney can also handle your claim instead of an insurance adjuster. If this is the case, then the negotiation process will be the same. 

Getting Help

It is important to remember that an insurance adjuster will determine what they think is a “fair” settlement claim. However, this does not mean that it is truly fair! The insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company. They have the insurance company’s best interest in mind – not yours! You need to have a lawyer on your side who can truly determine what you should be owed as a result of the accident, and who will fight to get this for you. 

Have you or someone you know suffered from an elevator injury? If so, call our office to get the support you need and to learn more about which steps you should take next. You can call us at 203-208-3445.

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