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Common Reasons for Elevator Injuries: Car Entrapment

You’ve probably seen it on one TV show or another – an episode where your favorite characters get stuck in an elevator. This is a fairly common theme explored in television and the movies, whether in a comedic or dramatic setting. Many people think of getting trapped in an elevator when they think of elevator related issues and injuries. If you found yourself in this situation and were injured as a result, there are a few things that you should know. On this page, I will discuss the proper procedure that should be followed if an elevator car stops and passengers are trapped inside of it. Knowing this information can help you determine if the proper procedure was followed, or if your injuries resulted from an issue with your rescue.

Communicating with Passengers, Rescue Team

One of the first things that should happen after an elevator car gets stuck is communication with someone who can help. Elevator control panels should have an emergency button on them that will allow you to communicate with the building or elevator management team. If this button is not working, this is the first problem that you might encounter when dealing with a stalled car.

However, in most cases, you should be able to get through to the building or elevator management team. The person you talk to should call for help and inform you that it is on the way. They should stay in contact with you until help arrives and the situation is resolved.

The person you speak with on the intercom should ask some basic questions, such as how many people are in the car, if the emergency lights are on, and more. They should also give basic instructions to make sure that everyone in the car stays safe.

Elevator Maintenance Team

A maintenance or repair team should be called and should arrive on the scene as quickly as possible. It is their job to figure out what went wrong with the elevator and fix it. In some cases, the repair team may be able to fix the elevator while you are in it and get it to start working again. However, if this is not an option, a rescue team should be called in order to get you and any other passengers out of the car.

The Rescue Team

A rescue team should be contacted to safely help you and any other passengers in the car out of the stalled car. If proper procedure is not followed during this process, injuries could occur to passengers in the car. If you were injured while a team was trying to get you out of the car, you and a lawyer should review proper procedure for the elevator you were in as well as the state that you were in. If procedure was violated, the rescue team could be held responsible for your injuries.

Filing a Claim

If you think that someone else is responsible for your car entrapment related injuries, please contact my office. We can review your situation and determine if you have a case.

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