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Which States Have the Most Elevator Deaths?

Recently, I published a page that talks about elevator and escalator injuries. While these accidents are not very common, they still occur. And, they occur differently in different states. Here, I will do a breakdown of the states with the most elevator related deaths. Continue reading to learn more about which states have the most and least elevator deaths.

This is information for the number of elevator-related deaths according to the CPSC National Electronic Injury Surveillance System between the years of 1992-2003. The total number of passenger elevator deaths during this time was 68. These deaths occurred in 21 different states. Here is a list of the states that had the most deaths during this time.

1. New York

New York had a total of 12 deaths during this time period, which was the most by far. While this number may seem high, you have to take into account the number of people in New York and the amount of times they take elevators. Those in cities such as New York City are likely to take elevators more than those who live in more rural areas. This contributes to the number of accidents and potential deaths.

2. District of Columbia

District of Columbia had the second most deaths during this time period with a total of five. As you can see, this is already a considerable difference from the number of deaths in New York during this time period.  

3. Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania were all tied for third in regards to the most elevator related deaths during this time period. These states had a total of four deaths. 

4. Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota

Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota each had a total of three passenger deaths related to elevators. This makes these states tied for fourth for the most elevator deaths during 1992-2003.

5. California, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas

California, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas each had a total of two deaths from elevators during 1992-2003. This makes these states 5th in regard to elevator deaths in the US during this time.

6. Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin

These states all had one elevator death of a passenger between 1992-2003. 

Getting Help

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