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What to Do If You’re Stuck in an Elevator

Finding yourself stuck in an elevator is more common than you might think. Although it can be terrifying as you discover the reality of your situation, it’s best to remain calm. This isn’t a horror movie and will likely be resolved within minutes. If you happen to become stuck in an elevator anywhere, follow these steps and strategies until you receive the help you need. 

Steps to Follow

First, you always need to remain calm in frightening situations like these. Your first response may be to panic, and this is a natural response as your mind is racing and you are afraid of what might happen. But panicking will not help in this case. If you are on the elevator with others, some might be claustrophobic and begin to have anxiety attacks. All of the fears, panicking, or dismay will not get anyone out of the elevator any sooner so it’s important to remain calm. If you are with others who are frightened, try to keep them calm as well.

Next, there should always be an emergency phone or button inside of the elevator. Use it to call for help immediately and wait for their response. The emergency contact will talk you through the situation and let you know when help will arrive. 

It could be the case where it takes a matter of minutes before they arrive to rescue you and any others on the elevator. But if it takes longer, you can also take matters into your own hands and call 911 on your personal phone. At times, there can be a loss of cell service inside these machines but it is always worth trying if the emergency phone is not working properly. 

Don’t try to fix the problem from inside the elevator. There are many instances where some passengers try to pry the doors open or jump to make the elevator move but it typically doesn’t work. Attempting to open the doors can lead to serious injuries or even death. To avoid any further injuries from occurring, sit back and wait for help to arrive. 

Another misconception is that you may be at risk of free-falling when an elevator stops working. This probably won’t happen in elevators today. Elevators are not hanging on by a thread, there are safety brakes installed with much more advanced technology than a single strand of rope. It may still be a concern to some, but reassure yourself and others that it is not likely that the elevator will completely drop.

Getting Help 

These scenarios can be frightening but it’s important to remain calm and get help. If an accident does occur, know who is at fault for these accidents. If it was the mechanics or the company, you should hire a lawyer to help you file a personal injury claim. Contact our office for any additional questions you may have about elevator injuries.

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