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Elevator and Escalator Injury Statistics

While elevator injuries are not very common, they can be very serious. In order to prevent an elevator injury from happening to you, you need to understand the most common causes of these injuries. Despite regulations and safety procedures, elevator and escalator injuries still occur every year. On this page, I will discuss statistics about elevators in the United States. Continue reading to learn more. 

Elevator and Escalator Injuries

According to the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health, elevator and escalator injuries and not very common. On average, there are about 17,000 elevator or escalator injuries per year. While this number may seem high, when you take into account the number of times people ride on these in a year, it is pretty low. Compare this to the roughly six million car accidents that occur each year, and you will see that elevator and escalator accidents are not very common. But of course, they still occur, as I will discuss in the next section.

Elevator and Escalator Deaths

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that elevators and escalators kill about 30 people a year on average. About half of these deaths are from people working on elevators or escalators and half of these deaths are from people that are passengers. The most common cause of death related to elevators is due to people falling into elevator shafts. In addition to death, injuries can occur in an elevator or escalator accident. These injuries could be fairly minor or they can be serious. 

Which Is Safer: Elevator or Escalator?

Escalators have proven to be more safe for passengers than elevators. From 1992-2003, there were a total of 24 deaths of passengers from escalators. During this time, there were a total of 56 elevators deaths of passengers. However, keep in mind that both numbers are fairly low, especially for such a long time period. 

Getting Help

Have you or someone you know suffered from an elevator injury? If so, call our office to get the support you need and to learn more about which steps you should take next. You can call us at 203-208-3445. While elevator and escalator injuries are not very common, they can be serious. If your family is going through an injury as a result of an elevator or escalator injury, you should seek legal help. This could help your family get compensation for injuries and begin moving on with their lives. 

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